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Individual close ups of Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman and Harry Osborn Green Goblin. Inked, penciled and colored by me

***NOTE These drawings have been converted in anaglyph 3D by me. You will need 3D red and blue glasses to fully enjoy these picture and see the depth!

1st two illustrations are penciled, inked and colored by me.

Amazing Spider-man 1 Promo, Post conversted by me. Copyright to Sony Pictures

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Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman from Edge of Spiderverse #2 fighting Dane Dehaan’s Green Goblin in the Clock Tower scene in the Amazing Spider-man 2. Penciled, inked, and colored by me. The clock matches the number Gwen Stacy died in Amazing Spider-man #121

I put the inked version, plus one with the webbing in the background and one without

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The NEW Spider-Woman coming this September by Marvel Comics. In a world where Peter Parker wasn’t biting by the radioactive spider, but bit Gwen Stacy instead. Fully Painted by me.

I actually stopped buying comics when they became expensive in the mid 2000’s. But I might pick this up just to see Gwen Stacy as Spider-woman. Her costume looks…creepy; almost like a ghost. Which is interesting considering that she is more known for the way she died then the way she lived in the comics.

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EDITEDCOMMENTSVIDEO InternetTrollTurds (eMokid64 edit) from eMokid64 on Vimeo.

Here is my entry for Hank Green’s video workshop where he let us edit his video. I added some motion graphics inspired by Though Cafe’s Crash Course and the Idea channel. I would have added more but hank made a long video.

Orignal video can be seen here

Just saying my last goodbye to Robin Williams. I got really depressed yesterday after seeing so many touching reactions. To me my favorite movie he was in was “Hook” when he played a older Peter Pan. He just always seemed like a kid in a grown man’s body, which is where I think where alot of his humor came from. Im very happy with poeple’s understand and awareness people are now giving to clinical depression and hope people will push forward. I wish I could do more but this is the best I can at the moment.

I can never fully understand what he was going though and sad about the way things ended. But he will live on in his movies. R.I.P. Mr. Williams 

Digitally painted by me to the best of my abilities

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